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Rožnov pod Radhoštěm


GPS: 49.458528N, 18.143020E

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Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, long time ago a wooden town situated on both sides of the river Bečva, today a modern, tourist, commercial and industrial centre.

Walk through the places where spa guests strolled decades ago, in time when there was a climatic spa in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm. Important personalities, such as the founder of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud, or the founder of genetics Georg Mendel used to walk in the city park – back then the spa colonnade. During its heyday at the beginning of the 20th century, guests from almost all over the world used to come here. People came here to receive treatment of diseases of the respiratory system, lungs and also heart using the method of hydrotherapy, field walks, žincica and electrotherapy as well.

After 1945, the city experienced another boom in industry when over 20 thousand inhabitants lived in Rožnov in relation with the construction of the Tesla industrial company, and the city was an important centre of weaving and knitting, led by the company LOANA.

Today, the city is famous above all for the Wallachian Open Air Museum, which consists of three frequently visited parts – the largest of which is the Wallachian Village, the oldest is the Wooden Town and the youngest is the Mill Valley. The entire museum is a complex of wooden folk buildings brought from the Wallachia region to Rožnov pod Radhoštěm.

Due to its location, the city of Rožnov is predestined for sports and recreation. Visitors can use hundreds of marked hiking trails in all seasons of the year.

The Jurkovič Observation Tower is located near the Wallachian Museum. It stands on Charles Hill (also Petřek’s hillside), which can be reached from the main parking place of the Wallachian Museum using a pleasant forest path. It is a unique building designed by Dušan Sámo Jurkovič from stone and several types of wood – beech, spruce and fir.

Radhošť, Pustevny

From the hotel, go to the nearby bus stop U Eroplánu, from there, take a bus to Pustevny (you can also go there by car, we recommend going early in the morning) and from there, walk along the ridge to Radhošť. For a walking trip, you will set off from Rožnov following the red tourist footpath starting from the petrol station Benzina (near Eroplán) or from the Rožnov campsite.

Velký Javorník

From the hotel, you will go through the nearby “Rybníčky” towards Dolní Paseky, after 3 km, you will reach a ban of traffic and then continue for 6 km along the marked route to the top.

Jurkovič Observation Tower

Make sure to start the shortest of these trips from the Relax Hotel, when you go down the hill and cross the main road and the Bečva River. The starting point for the observation tower track is the main large parking space for the Wallachian Museum. From there, it’s only a few minutes up.

Na Dílech Pub

A beautiful walk from the hotel through the city centre takes about 2 hours and starts at the Rožnov Square on the stone bridge leading to Valašská Bystřice. From the bridge, just follow the red tourist route.

Mír Cottage

Mír Cottage is the first pleasant stop on a walking trip to Radhošť. The starting point is therefore the same – above the Rožnov camp, follow the marked forest path. Another pleasant way is also from the centre of nearby Dolní Bečva.


Here, we recommend going to the top of Soláň either by car or by bus. Going up or down on foot is not very convenient due to the busy road. At the top of Soláň, you can visit the beautiful Bell Tower and this entire ridge is an ideal place for hiking, skiing, cycling, but also for relaxation. On the top, there are beautiful views of the Javorníky Mountains, the Moravian-Silesian Beskydy Mountains and, when the visibility is good, Slovakia as well.

Velké Karlovice

Velké Karlovice is a typical Wallachian village, where you can still see well-preserved pastures with herds of sheep on beautiful hillsides, buildings in the mountains which are still used today, meadows with rare plants and much more. It is definitely best to go to Karlovice by car or bus. Karlovice is one of the largest Czech villages as far as its area is concerned, so your trip will definitely take the whole day!

MTB Beskydy

From Horní Bečva to Valašské Meziříčí

The total length of this section is 30.8 km. The route starts at an altitude of 545 meters; the finish is at an elevation of 291 meters above sea level. The total elevation gain is therefore 254 meters, the total ascent is 229 m, and the total descent is 483 m. Most of the route follows the bike path without car traffic. The sections from Valašské Meziříčí to Rožnov and from Rožnov to Dolní Bečva (approx. 21 km in total) are also suitable for roller skating.

The bike path runs along the main road from Horní Bečva to Prostřední Bečva. However, as soon as they split, the ride becomes more interesting. It goes through a valley with a view of the Beskydy mountain ridges. The road is shaded by tall trees, so the ride is pleasant even in summer. In Rožnov, the path is also led away from the main hustle and bustle of the city, along the Bečva riverbank. The Rožnov Open Air Museum is definitely worth a stop, the entrance to the Museum can be found in the park that is situated along the path. The landscape behind Rožnov is already starting to lose its Beskydy picturesqueness. The valley widens and the vegetation around the Bečva River begins to take on the character of floodplain forests. The trees shade the path, and even in the summer heat the ride here is pleasant. This section of the route ends in Valašské Meziříčí, which offers many opportunities to stop and have refreshments.

From Velké Karlovice to Valašské Meziříčí

The total length of this section is 56.8 km. The route starts at an altitude of 650 meters; the finish is at an elevation of 291 meters above sea level. The total elevation gain is therefore 359 meters, the total ascent is 421 m, and the total descent is 780 m. Most of the route follows a bike path without car traffic. The section from Vsetín to Velké Karlovice (approx. 30 km) is also suitable for roller skating.

The route starts above Velké Karlovice and takes cyclists along the path with new and flat surface. It is surrounded by mountain ridges and forests. Between Karolinka and Nový Hrozenkov, the Balaton Water Reservoir with refreshments is particularly attractive during summer days. The route allows cyclists to enjoy the surrounding nature, since they go downhill. The Beskydy landscape enchants with its picturesque buildings and grazing sheep. In Vsetín, you can refresh yourself and gain strength for the last section of the route. The bike path follows the Vsetínská Bečva River with only minor deviations up to the junction of Vsetínská and Rožnovská Bečva Rivers.

From Valašské Meziříčí to Tovačov

The total length of this section is 65 km. The route starts at an altitude of 291 meters; the finish is at an elevation of 194 meters above sea level. The total elevation gain is 97 meters, the total ascent is 341 m, and the total descent is 438 m. The majority of the route is a bike path without car traffic. The section from Přerov to Hranice (26 km) is practically all suitable for roller skating. However, we would like to draw your attention to the long-term closure of the path between Grymov and Oldřichov. The diversion route is properly marked.

From Valašské Meziříčí, the route to Teplice nad Bečvou follows normal, although very quiet roads. In Teplice nad Bečvou, it is possible to refresh yourself at the spa spring and to continue using the bike path to Přerov. The landscape is now flat, the valleys are wide and the river flow is slower. The easy ride can be interrupted in Týn nad Bečvou, from where it is only a short distance to Helfštýn Castle. Those who don’t want to linger can see the castle at least from the seat of a bicycle. Helfštýn stands on a forested slope that borders the edge of the Moravian Gate and cannot be overlooked. On summer days, the Jadran Sandpit, which is located right next to the path just beyond Lipník nad Bečvou, invites you to have a swim. The path continues to Přerov and takes cyclists around the Great Lagoon and the wonderful Michalov Park, which is worth a stop. The path ends in Tovačov, where it connects to the Moravian path. Enthusiastic cyclists can continue towards Olomouc or Kroměříž.

Atrium Cafe

The cafe in the Atrium creates space for social and cultural events, including film screenings.


We are preparing a beach volleyball court for you, which is currently under construction.

Tennis court

A tennis court with clay surface is located right next to the hotel.


There is an outdoor mini-golf course in a quiet environment in front of the hotel.

Come and have fun playing a game suitable for children, beginners and advanced players.

The choice of 15 playing fields also allows for a group game.

Art Relax Centre

We are preparing another dimension of the services provided by the multi-functional Relax area, which will include galleries, exhibitions and lecture halls, cultural events and much more.

Kongresové centrum

  • šest jednacích místností s denním světlem o celkové rozloze 450 m²
  • prostory vhodné jak pro velké akce, firemní jednání a semináře, tak i pro soukromé setkání a oslavy
  • kompletní cateringové služby s profesionálním přístupem

Spa relax centrum

Relaxační centrum nabízí krytý plavecký bazén s vyhřívanou vodou, saunu, masáže, vodoléčbu a elektroléčbu.

Je možné si vybrat z velké škály procedur.

Hotel Relax

Relax Hotel has 85 double rooms (some of them with the possibility of an extra bed) and three apartments with separate living room and bedroom. The total accommodation capacity is up to 200 people. Double rooms are available in two variants, with a double bed or with single beds. On each of the five floors, there are two rooms connected by doors, which represent an ideal choice for families with children or groups of friends. You can stay together and have privacy at the same time. All rooms have their own balcony with a beautiful view of the surrounding nature, a bathroom with shower and toilet, television, direct dial telephone and, of course, a free Wi-Fi connection.

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